CCRR-2013/Events & Study Tours/Tour STATE FOREST

Climate change adaptation in Saxon state forests


Take part at the tour through the Saxon state forest and explore climate change adaptation measures.

The participants’ interest in this study tour was not that big as expected. Therefore we regret to inform you that the study tour Saxon State Forest must be cancelled.

Thursday, 30.05.2013
08:00 am – approx. 16:00 pm

Guidance: Mr. Gläser, Dr. Irrgang, Mr. Polaczek (Saxon State Forest Administration)

Contact person: Susanne Frank (e-mail)

Transport and departure
Transport by bus
Departure at 8:00 am, Dresden Main Station at the bus station (Bayrische Str.)
Arrival at 16:00 pm, at Dresden Main Station

Climate change adaptation in Saxon state forests:

  • risks due to Climate Change for hydromorphic sites
  •  Space-time-structure of adapted stands
  •  adaptation of stands with high storm risks
  •  establishment of new stands after a storm event

Forest district Bärenfels:
Karsdorf, Grillenburg, Naundorf, Hetzdorf (Tharandter Wald)

Survival kit
Participants might like to wear casual/ outdoor clothing and take some small snack and beverages along, according to personal needs. Rain gear may be advisable (weather-dependent). There will be a stop for a small snack on the way.

Additional information and costs
Costs are 30 Euro per Person. They include guidance and transport.

The registration deadline for study tours ends on 22. April 2013.

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