CCRR-2013/Events & Study Tours/Tour EASTERN ORE

Water and nutrient balance of small hydrological catchments in the Eastern Ore Mountains.


Explore small hydrological catchments in the Eastern Ore Mountains.

The participants’ interest in this study tour was not that big as expected. Therefore we regret to inform you that the study tour Eastern Ore Mountains must be cancelled.

Thursday, 30.05.2013
09:00 a.m. – 04:00 p.m.

Guidance and Contact person: Raphael Benning (e-mail), Norbert Prange (e-mail)

Transport and departure
Transport by bus
Departure at 9:00 am, Dresden Main Station at the bus station (Bayrische Str.)
Arrival at 16:00 p, Dresden Main Station.

How to quantify the impact of climate change on water and nutrient balance? – Measurement setup for parameter estimation and modeling in small hydrological test catchments with different land use types.

Dresden Main Station - Rehefeld - Schönfeld - Ammelsdorf gauge - Dresden Main Station

Near Rehefeld and Schönfeld we will visit two experimental catchments and will explain and discuss the scientific monitoring program (hydrological and water quality measurements / results of the land use specific monitoring / isotopic analysis) and modeling activities. At the Ammelsdorf gauge you will see an official water monitoring point of the State Reservoir Administration of Saxony and we will discuss the impact of the different land use types on this catchment scale.

Survival kit
Participants should bring food and beverages for their needs during the tour. Sturdy shoes and depending on the weather a rain jacket and appropriate clothes are required.

Additional information and costs
Only costs for transport in the amount of 30 Euro per Person.

The registration deadline for study tours ends on 22. April 2013.

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