Regional Climate Change Adaptation Programme Dresden Region

The climate is changing – and even faster than scientists have previously suspected. This means that we must today meet the challenges of climate change at all levels of society. However, we do not yet know how seriously the repercussions will affect various areas of work and life.The Regional Climate Change Adaptation Programme for the Dresden Region can provide some answers. Created by actors from the region, the aim is to prevent climate change from negatively impacting Dresden and surroundings as well as identifying the potentials offered by climate change. The programme is intended to be a role model for other regions in Germany.The Regional Climate Change Adaptation Programme for the Dresden Region draws on the work of the German Adaptation Strategy (DAS) and the Adaptation Action Plan (APA) of the Federal government’s Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change. It also incorporates useful concepts and measures developed by the Free State of Saxony to deal with climate change and adaptation.

Goals of climate change adaptation

The local population of the Dresden region should enjoy high living standards in the years to come as well as profiting from a competitive business sector. With this in mind, we can formulate the main requirements of adaptation to climate change as follows:

1. Maintain healthy and attractive conditions for life and work.

2. Seize economic opportunities, minimize risks.

3. Preserve natural resources.

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